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Good Diet Programs - Is Bistro MD Worth the Investment?

Lose Weight with BistroMD!

Portion control and trying to suppress your appetite are two of the hardest things to accomplish when trying to lose weight and start out on a diet. Whether you are trying out a no-carb diet or a cleanse, trying to limit yourself to certain meals at certain times is a true challenge, especially with you having all kinds of food options all around you.

Those are just the diet and weight loss issues that Bistro MD aims to tackle with their Diet to your Door program. The diet plan is designed around allowing you to have your very own personal chef, design healthy meals, and control your portions by sticking to the rules.

Convenience is incredibly important in this day and age, and that is another thing that makes the Bistro MD program so appealing. Designed by Dr. Caroline Cederquist, this weight loss plan delivers healthy and delicious meals to your door that are well-balanced, portion controlled, and created by professional dieticians and chefs.

One of the accolades for Bistro MD was the endorsement from Dr. Phil stating that the program was indeed the best diet delivery that is available on the market.

A unique addition to the diet plan is the fact that your meals will vary between 1,100 and 1,400 calories every day. This helps prevent your body from adjusting to the diet and forcing you to hit the plateau that comes with most diets. On top of that, the mixture of low glycemic carbs and lean proteins are aimed at preserving your muscle mass and helping you push through an exercise program.

Here are some of the pros for using the Bistro MD program:

  • You get to eat delicious meals that are filling and healthy
  • There is little to no work for you to do. Just answer the door and heat your food.
  • Foods contain very little glycemic which is ideal for diabetics
  • Support from professional chefs and dietitians
  • Wide variety of meals
  • Balanced Nutrition

However there are a few cons to Bistro MD as well:

  • Like many other weight-loss programs, the Bistro MD diet program can get expensive over time and may not be very affordable or doable for some families
  • No fitness program comes along with it
  • The plan involves low calorie intake

In the end, there are a wide range of meals and flavors that you can indulge in on the Bistro MD plan. Therefore one of the major bonuses is that you do not have to forfeit taste when utilizing this diet program. The convenience and ease of the program has also been responsible for the weight loss success of a number of dieters. As long as you are doing the diet plan on your own or with a partner, and not with a big family, the expense should end up being worth the success that you should have.