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Effective Healing Herbs and Diet Program Reviews

Among the millions of Americans who have heart-disease risk factors such as high-cholesterol, obesity, smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes, or an unfavorable family history, prevention makes great sense.Yet, despite great technological advances in medicine, we have come to realize that modern-day medicine still has a long way to go before claiming victory against heart disease and other chronic dieseases. Studies have shown that the same countries that have a high incidence of heart disease also have high incidences of common forms of cancer such as beeast cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer.

Many of us today are looking at alternative medicines and natural remedies for answers to the prevention of these chronic illnesses. With each passing year, more and more people are discovering the power of natural substances. Natural medicine is now big business. According to a 2005 survey, the top ten herbal products accounted for 55 percent of the 2+ billion dollar industry in natural products. The leading sellers were echinacea and garlic, with about 10 percent each. Goldenseal and ginseng had about 7 percent of the market. Gingko biloba, aloe vera and saw palmetto each had about 4.5 percent. These products are being sold for a variety of purposes:

  • Aloe vera - for wound healing and immune defenses
  • Echinacea - for immune defenses
  • Garlic - for blood pressure and cholesterol lowering
  • Gingko biloba - for enhanced mental functioning
  • Gingseng - for enhanced energy
  • Goldenseal - for immune defenses
  • Saw palmetto - for prostate health

For many of these natural remedies, there is a tradition of use. Native Americans on the Grat Plains used echinacea. It was so effective in reducing the duration of cold symptoms that it was sold in American drug stores until the 1950s. The Gingko biloba tree was said to have been saved from extinction int eh Ice Age by the Chinese. It is an ancient and complex plant said to have originated some 250 million years ago. It has complex chemicals within it that have been extensively studied for their ability to enhance mental function. Saw palmetto contains substances taht may help reduce prostate enlargement and may be able to inibit the growht of prostate cancer cells. Aloe vera contains a substance called glucomannan, which may help wound healing.

These so-called folk remedies of the past are the basis for the natural medicines of the future. As more research examines the origins of these plants, we will no doubt discover new natural medicines that will benefit humankind.