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Angie's List Review - What Do They Offer?

Angie's list is a for-profit organization dedicated to helping consumers find quality local contractors and services in their own neighborhood. The company collects consumer satisfaction ratings through a proprietary certified data aggregation process covering services that range from  dry cleaning, plumbing, electrical, auto repair, carpentry, exterminations, roofing, painting to tree service to primary care and much more. In fact, it currently offers ratings and reviews of sub-contractors and service companies in over 500 different categories. Angie's List provides these exclusive lists of ratings after they have been thoroughly researched and reviewed by its own personnel. After collecting feedback from actual customers of a specific service, the data is analyzed, scrutinized and aggregated into a usable ratings format that is then disseminated into the review database where it can be accessed by Angie's List members.  It is a kind of network that uses the word of mouth and enables the consumers to search a wide ranging database of just about any kind of services available throughout the US. The organization has grown to over one million members strong and membership is projected to steadily increase as the company expands beyond US borders and overseas.

Angie Hicks is the co-founder of Angies List. She actually bought the company from her boss who was the original founder of the company. She was hired to run the every-day operations of the original company and was instrumental in restructuring the company towards providing a more consumer focused review services network. She came up with the idea when she first visited Columbus, Ohio in 1995. She was frustrated by how hard it was to locate the best contractors and doctors in the region. She knew that there is a better way of finding the best doctors and contractors in Ohio so she set out door-to-door recruiting members as well as collecting consumer reviews using their feedback to provide unbiased, reliable reviews and ratings on local service in the region which is known today as Angie's list.

One interesting fact about Angie's list is that it has a strong following from people seeking tips on how to take care of unwanted pests that invade our homes. Pests may invade your homestead while they are looking for shelter as they may be trying to escape colder weather on the backyard or that their habitat has been disrupted by the developments that are being carried on the backyard. When such pests invade your home, it is important that you contact a professional to help in getting rid of this dangerous pests and thus restoring your home into its initial state. Angies list provides tips on handling unwanted pests that may invade your home in search of shelter.

According to Angie's list poll, over three quarter (77%) said that an uninvited animal has invaded their home. A third of those respondents said that the pest cause severe damage to property. There are many benefits that you get by being a member of Angies list. One of the benefits is that you get unlimited access to the list either by phone or by internet. In addition, you will receive the Angies List Magazine where you will read articles on home improvements and maintenance, scam alerts, and consumer trends. In addition, you can utilize the Angie's List complaints resolution service.

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